Needle Punching Machine price
Up stroke finish needle punching machine, its needling stroke is from up to down side. Several up/down finishing needle punching machines are tandem placed together to make up a completed production line.
Features and Advantages:
1. Automated and frequency conversion controlled
2. Advanced combined and high robust structure enables the excellent stabilization
3. Computerized random distribution of needles
4. Separated lubrication system
5. Easy operation and convenient maintenance
needle punching machine
Up stroke finish needle punching machine
needle punching machinery
Needling frequency:≤600 rpm
Working width:2000mm~9000mm
Needle stroke:25~40mm
Stroke type:Up-stroke
Needle density:≤7500n/m
Mechanical details:
1) Needling type: single needle plate and up stroke (↑)
2) Delivery speed up to 8m/min, output speed controlled by inverter
3) High strength aluminum alloy needle beam
4) Main shaft made from superior steel processed by heat treatment, high strength rods with double bushings
5) Electric adjusted bed/stripper plate, automated lubrication
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